Providing customers with R&D design and Product assembly service

Research and Innovation

Endeavor's solid R&D capabilities and professional mold manufacturing team provide customers with a comprehensive solution from mold design and development to mass production, and mold repair and maintenance. This saves money and valuable time for our customers.

Continuous Optimization

Faced with an ever-changing market, we will continue to maintain excellent processes, provide total solutions and strive for continuous optimization to solve our customers' problems and enhance the competitiveness of products.

Lean Manufacturing

Uninterrupted production reduces costs and helps to maintain product quality; an efficient mold design combined with process optimization greatly reduces the number of defects and improves productivity to minimize the time required for the product to hit the market.

Attention to Quality

Each product is subject to the most stringent of inspections to realize our vision of "producing products of the highest quality." We are ISO-compliant, and our goal is to achieve "zero defects," in order to provide customers with the highest quality products.